Monitor your apps and microservices to ensure exceptional customer experience leveraging New Relic APM

Most modern businesses, powered and supported by a digital infrastructure, are looking to operate faster and more efficiently and find new digital opportunities. For this to happen, businesses must gain complete visibility into their IT infrastructure and businesses process and take a proactive approach to resolving issues. New Relic APM is designed to help teams leverage the latest technology trends to accelerate innovation while mitigating costly downtime, enhancing productivity, and ensuring high-performing applications. 

New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides a unified monitoring service for all your apps and microservices. As a tool of choice for modern application teams, New Relic APM helps monitor everything − from the hundreds of dependencies of a modern stack down to simple web-transaction times and throughput of an app.  

Keep track of your app’s health in real-time by monitoring your Metrics, Events, Logs, and Transactions (MELT) through pre-built and custom dashboards. New Relic instruments your application at a code level through the use of one of our many language agents. 


New Relic APM provides the flexibility to monitor the exact things you need from your app by automatically instrumenting your code when you install one of our agents. These agents gather metrics from your application and send them to New Relic APM so you can monitor your app through pre-built dashboards.

Nous is a preferred vendor of New Relic, specializing in the implementation of APM services. We enable customers in diverse verticals, including BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, as well as Product Engineering companies, to accelerate business and enhance the overall customer experience.



SaaS model, visualization, insights, multi-language across clouds


Infrastructure Monitoring

Application health, health map, New Relic Infrastructure, problem-solving



Data collection, custom instrumentation, APIs, XML-based custom instrumentation modules, UI-based instrumentation



Right response, find and resolve issues, New Relic Applied Intelligence (NRAI), AI/machine learning


Real-time error analysis

Deep diagnostics and profiling, error stack trace, message, line of code identification


Integration with DevOps tooling

Multiple tools capabilities, integration of incident-response, logging tools, and configuration-management tools

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