Functional testing services for accelerated software delivery

Functional software testing is an essential element of testing when you are about to release an application and assess its functionality fit. The considerations to keep in mind – Is the application validated for all requirements? Is the functionality verified for the output desired? Comprehensive functionality testing assures that the software product will function as expected before it is released to the customers. It helps verify if the product meets the intended specification and functional requirements laid out in the development documentation. 

As a leading functional testing company, Testree has developed a repository of checklists and process guidelines for each phase in functional software testing to ensure the product delivered is of superior quality and meets customer expectations. With functional testing services from Testree, enterprises can detect vulnerabilities, ensure functional completeness, and deliver superior user experience for the end-user. 


Most applications when pushed to production are not found to be tested appropriately for all possible situations leading to disruptions in user experience, unwanted results, and missing features. Enterprises need to consider end-to-end QA functional testing to avoid a bad user experience, revenue loss, resource wastage, lost opportunity cost, and a delayed release.

Testree’s comprehensive set of manual and automated QA functional testing services are provided throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. This ensures that your application follows all the functional requirements and is bug-free in the operational environment.


Requirement analysis

Determine user expectations for a system under consideration


Test planning

Measure the quality of the functional components of the system 


Test case design

Set up test cases


Traceability matrix

Document test cases, test runs, and test results 


Test execution

Execute the code and compare expected and actual results 


Defect management

Identify and resolve defects


Coverage analysis

Measure the amount of testing performed by a set of tests 

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