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Effective test automation is more useful than manual testing as it supports rigorous functional testing and requires a shorter design time. Automation testing frameworks help the organization ensure higher development activity and achieve consistency in automation across the organization. 

With most organizations today focusing on agile and DevOps on the go, there is an increased need for faster releases and quality products. Test automation frameworks enable faster defect detection and reusable test scripts without the need for an external user for running test scripts. Leveraging a framework for automated testing also helps in improving test accuracy and enhancing test speed and efficiency of the QA team’s while mitigating risks and lowering test maintenance costs. 


We at Testree approach automated testing with a thorough understanding of the challenges involved in automated testing. Therefore, our test automation development services combine several approaches while incorporating manual testing in a few areas to detect subtle bugs.

Testree’s test automation framework consists of a set of guidelines for creating and designing test cases to help configure and create test suites by combining different automation tests and getting them ready for execution.

Through robust QA automation frameworks, we enable teams to maintain a well-defined strategy across the test suites and enhance the speed of testing. We offer different types of frameworks to suite the clients’ project requirements, team expertise, time, and budget.


SmartBear test automation framework

Technology platforms, application landscape, goals, scriptless approach, integration with third-party tools


Keyword-driven test automation

Data-driven testing, executable test automation, experienced professionals


Pre-built test automation modules

Salesforce pre-built test automation modules, ServiceNow pre-built test automation modules


Hybrid test automation frameworks

Maintainable, tool agnostic, reusable, higher ROI and lower TCO

Why Testree

In-house automation experts

Customizable QA automation frameworks

End-to-end support for automation needs

Flexible service packages on a ‘pay for what you need’ basis

Strategic partnerships with SmartBear and Tricentis



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Case Study

Streamlining Operations through Test Automation for an American Fashion Accessory Retailer

Nous integrated online shopping with the POS, ensuring stability and 45% cost savings through test automation.

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